Welcome to the digital home of designer and multimedia artist Charles S. Kuzmanovic schließen

Here’s a list of hardware / gear that I’m using while creating music and visuals:

  1. Native Instruments’ Maschine
  2. Novation Launchpad
  3. Novation Circuit Mono Station
  4. M-Audio Axiom air mini
  5. Behring Mixer XENYX302 USB
  6. Marshall (E-)Guitar
  7. Shure Microphone
  8. Olympus Fieldrecorder
  9. MacBook Pro

Here’s the software that I’m using:

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud
  2. Ableton Live
  3. Apple Logic Pro X
  4. Maschine
  5. Garageband (for the guitar sounds)
  6. Resolume Arena (visuals and VJ sets)

Here are a couple of photos (home studio):