Welcome to the digital home of designer and multimedia artist Charles S. Kuzmanovic schließen

In 2005 the project Fake Plastic Heads war born. On Soundcloud, we have 180+ songs online so far.

Currently, Charles S. Kuzmanovic a.k.a. Fake Plastic Heads is looking for a drummer (for future live shows).

Here’s the brand new EP “Highly Elastic Time Zones”:

He’s working on the new full-length album “Je Ne Sais Quoi” (Release date: March, 13th 2016 – Red Claw Records).

Update: The album is live now – you can get it on iTunes

Here’s the brand new FPH music video: PACMAN IS DEAD

Two songs are already on his bandcamp profile:

Here’s a selection of original tracks, mostly instrumentals: