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New Music: The Perfect Drug (Extended Mix) – Nine Inch Nails Cover Song

9. August 2017

Me and Guy Williams, Jr. are The Bilderberg Group. We’re producing alternative hip hop for more than two years now. By now, there are 50+ songs available on Bandcamp (free download).

We’ve created our tribute to Trent Reznor / his Nine Inch Nails: The Perfect Drug (Extended Mix).

Take a look / listen and let us know what you think:


New Music Video: #pizzagate – The Bilderberg Group (MUSIC!)

25. Januar 2017

So we’ve produced a brand new song called #pizzagate

YouTube slowly starts censoring the music video, so we’ve uploaded it to VIMEO as well.

New Music Video: Murdered City. Project: The Bilderberg Group – Music!

21. Oktober 2016

Me and Guy Williams, Jr. are The Bilderberg Group (MUSIC!) – since June 2015, we’re producing Alternative Hip Hop music. Our “demo”/first album is available on Bandcamp – free download/name your price. We have a Facebook page – be sure to follow our activities over there.

We’ve created a music video for our brand new song “Murdered City”. Guy, who’s hometown is Detroit, wrote this song about the city just two weeks ago. We had the idea of Guy driving around town. So very spontaneously, he took his camera and filmed ca. 20 minutes – after receiving the raw footage, I began editing the material in Adobe Premiere.

This is the result:



My YouTube Channel featuring The Bilderberg Group

11. Juli 2016

About a year ago, I started a collaboration with U.S. spoken word artist Guy Williams, Jr.

We came up with the controversial name The Bilderberg Group. Yeah, like those ugly gentlemen.

So we’ve come up with about 20 track with the last 12 months, all of them are available as free downloads
on our official website: www.the-bilderberg-group.com

We have a number of music videos, too – all of them are on my official YouTube channel.


You can find us on Facebook as well.

So go ahead and grab your “copy” of our debut album “Conspiracy Theory Sells”.

The Bilderberg Group – September Clues (Official Video)

14. Juni 2015

In 2006, I started a collab with U.S. spoken word artist Guy Williams, Jr.


9 years later, we created The Bilderberg Group. Here’s our first official music video: