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Been to the Zoo / Hellabrunn Munich

14. Oktober 2017

After almost 30 years, I’ve been to the Zoo, Hellabrunn (Munich)

Here are a couple of impressions (Canon Photography, no filters).


New Music: The Perfect Drug (Extended Mix) – Nine Inch Nails Cover Song

9. August 2017

Me and Guy Williams, Jr. are The Bilderberg Group. We’re producing alternative hip hop for more than two years now. By now, there are 50+ songs available on Bandcamp (free download).

We’ve created our tribute to Trent Reznor / his Nine Inch Nails: The Perfect Drug (Extended Mix).

Take a look / listen and let us know what you think:


New Song: ARUERIS – Critical Level – IDM, Ambient Music

30. Januar 2017

A couple of months ago, I have started a collaboration with an old friend of mine: ARUERIS.

The Egyptian God Arueris is an Aenigma. He is the second son of Helios and Rhea, brother of Osiris and the half-brother of Isis. But mythology also states that Arueris was begotten by his siblings Osiris and Isis in the womb of Rhea. Therefore he has two sets of parents: Helios and Rhea and Osiris and Isis. He is the son of the Sun and concurrently Horus the Elder (Haroeris, also Her-ur or Her-wer). In the Osiris myth he defeated Seth and thus avenged his brother and father Osiris. His name means all-accomplishing creativeness or active activity. With his half-sister and mother Isis he fathered the four sons of Horus, the guardians of the cardinal points. The ancient Greeks put him equal with Apollon, the God of art, especially music and poetry.

The art and music project ARUERIS, founded in 2016, sends its creative power to all four cardinal points and devotes to cultural topics. The intense soundscapes are mystical-mythologically charged and will be supported by design and aesthetics at the threshold of originality.

ARUERIS // Intellectro Sound Project

We have released the new song „Critical Level“ (Vocals by Sandra M.):

New Music Video: #pizzagate – The Bilderberg Group (MUSIC!)

25. Januar 2017

So we’ve produced a brand new song called #pizzagate

YouTube slowly starts censoring the music video, so we’ve uploaded it to VIMEO as well.

New Music Video: Murdered City. Project: The Bilderberg Group – Music!

21. Oktober 2016

Me and Guy Williams, Jr. are The Bilderberg Group (MUSIC!) – since June 2015, we’re producing Alternative Hip Hop music. Our „demo“/first album is available on Bandcamp – free download/name your price. We have a Facebook page – be sure to follow our activities over there.

We’ve created a music video for our brand new song „Murdered City“. Guy, who’s hometown is Detroit, wrote this song about the city just two weeks ago. We had the idea of Guy driving around town. So very spontaneously, he took his camera and filmed ca. 20 minutes – after receiving the raw footage, I began editing the material in Adobe Premiere.

This is the result:



My music on Soundcloud – Electro, IDM, Dance, Experimental

12. August 2016

In 2005, I started recording music as „Fake Plastic Heads“ – over the years, I have had releases on several indie record labels like Itychcoo Records (London), Setalight Records (Berlin), ADX Records (Romania) and on my very own label Red Claw Records (Munich).


On Soundcloud you can find a broad collection of music from 2005 up to now.

The main purpose of this project might be, to transfer inner states of mind into something more organic, a transformation of feelings and experience throughout the years – that are making me the person that I am today. It all might vary in sound and style but there’s surely a way you can tell: hey, that’s Fake Plastic Heads.

Times are quite hectic nowadays, but take your time to dive into my world. Feel free to follow Fake Plastic Heads on Facebook, you can also follow me on my regular Twitter account.

Feedback is always highly appreciated!




New Intellectro Project: ARUERIS

20. Juli 2016

There’s something going on: a new project has been launched by me and a friend of mine.

ARUERIS. We have a Soundcloud account and a Facebook page so far – working on the official ARUERIS website right now.

Feel free to get in touch and leave some feedback (positive/negative) – we’re keen on hearing what you have to say!

ARUERIS is creating individual artwork for each track that’s being released. Here are the first five installments:

My YouTube Channel featuring The Bilderberg Group

11. Juli 2016

About a year ago, I started a collaboration with U.S. spoken word artist Guy Williams, Jr.

We came up with the controversial name The Bilderberg Group. Yeah, like those ugly gentlemen.

So we’ve come up with about 20 track with the last 12 months, all of them are available as free downloads
on our official website: www.the-bilderberg-group.com

We have a number of music videos, too – all of them are on my official YouTube channel.


You can find us on Facebook as well.

So go ahead and grab your „copy“ of our debut album „Conspiracy Theory Sells“.


1. Juli 2016

My Fake Plastic Heads are being released on this brand new compilation: „NO HECTIC, NO STRESS, CALM DOWN: RUNTERKOMMEN, VOL. 1“ (Sa Trincha Recordings).
The track „Carina Nebula“ is number 27 on this compilation.
You can pre-listen to the track on Beatport.
Simply click on the image below:


Brand New Dance / Electro Song Online

24. April 2016

Hey folks, I’ve hooked up most of my gear last night and started producing a new track.

home studio

The new track, called „SIX SIX SIX“ is online now (on Soundcloud).

This is something for your hips :)



New Fake Plastic Heads Song – Getting Closer [Outside Mix]

3. April 2016

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been working on a new track for my project Fake Plastic Heads.

The song „Getting Closer [Outside Mix]“ is about the joy of downgrading and the things we’re missing, while hanging out in social networks / in front of the computer.

Times have changed. Things were quite different, growing up in the 70ies. But it’s ok – if you find your balance. This track is kind of here to remind us, that there was a time – when we barely stayed in our home. A time, when the so called social life actually took place on the streets or in the woods.

Feel free to share this song and don’t forget to tell your neighbors! :)




New Fake Plastic Heads Album: Je Ne Sais Quoi

30. Januar 2016

My Fake Plastic Heads have come up with a brand new album: „Je Ne Sais Quoi“ – an 11-track album, that will be released on Red Claw Records on March, 13th this year.
It will be available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital stores. The will be a limited number of CDs, too. If you’re interested, drop a line (or two).
The album is featured on the label’s website:




So take a listen and let me know what you think!
Feedback is always highly appreciated!