Welcome to the digital home of designer and multimedia artist Charles S. Kuzmanovic schließen

Multimedia Artist and Graphic Designer Charles S. Kuzmanovic started working in the wide field of electronica and design back in 1998.

He studied visual communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Duesseldorf and graduated in Feb. 2006.

Six months later, he founded his own design studio Radar Five Mediawww.r5m.org
From 2005 on, C.S.K. is recording under the name of Fake Plastic Heads – collaborating with musicians worldwide. (e.g. Japanese cyber-author Kenji Siratori, U.S. spoken word artist Guy Williams, Jr., Canadian electronica act OFF DECK, German musician Nikea Bustla and French artist L.H.B.).
Fake Plastic Heads is basically here to transform states of mind into something organic – a soundtrack for the night, where everything is possible.

This is the brand new release “Highly Elastic Tiime Zones” (Release date: October 5th 2017) {Spotify Link!}

“REPTILIAN” is a new journey through time and space – off to another parallel universe.


Download my list of releases – PDF

Here’s the Fake Plastic Heads website:

Fake Plastic Heads

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Radar Five Media

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Daisy Skull

CSK and Guy Williams, Jr. are The Bilderberg Group (alt hip hop)

CSK and Van Cisley are Dead Francis

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